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Shutters, windows and screen parts manufactured by V.K. Industries, Inc.

We are a wholesale manufacturing company. We sell our products to manufacturers, resellers and distributors only. We do not sell products to individual customers.

Welcome to V. K. Industries, Inc. (formerly V.K. Tool & Die, Inc.) where we manufacture parts for a variety of industries. We provide quick and efficient service to meet your stamping and tooling needs at competitive prices.

The benefits of working with us is that we will help to cut your manufacturing costs, provide you with quick and reliable service, assist you in developing your products, and provide cost effective tooling to optimize your manufacturing needs. Customization for your specific need is also possible.

At V.K. Industries, Inc. we are committed to quality, sustainable results, and growth. These major goals rely on the satisfaction of our clientele and that’s why we dedicate ourselves to providing the best products and services to meet your needs. Our team has proven credentials and long-standing experience of meeting the needs of customers. V.K. Industries, Inc. is a reliable, affordable, and established service.


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